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Not update

It is confirmed that asus rog 2 is not getting android 10 update but will directly get android 11 update 2021.

Gurmanav by Rising Star I
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Gyroscope auto move itself in game

I put it on the table and touch no fingers on it. And the gyro keeps moving up down or sometimes right left. until now there is no update. And then i emailed them i want to downgrade the firmware and they said ok but your phone can be bricked and we ...

minh by Star II
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I've noticed that the Asus AC adaptor has 11V/3A as max (30W).Will powerbanks that has 15V/3A can make the phone HyperCharge as well? Or it is solely for Asus AC Adaptor only?

Renz by Star I
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My ROG phone used to have like a day of normal usage like youtube and stuff and still had about 56% battery left. Now it gets from 59% to 44% in just 10 min while using only youtube and no background apps. I am monitoring my device battery from pas...

by Not applicable
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Discord call volume

When in discord voice chat the audio is quite low like the operating system is suppressing the audio untill I open a game. When a game is on screen the audio gets boosted and sound loud and clear to the volume it should be.I want this loud audio all ...

PubG is lagging and it's more

1. Nowadays pubG has started lagging heavily at hard drops in game . 2. If I turn on my screen recorder don't even ask about fps it drops like hell .3. There was no proper gyroscope optimization until now which u guys said it would be fixed in future...

Rog Phone 2 backplate material question

Hello, I bought the Rog Phone 2 a few months ago in Sweden the 12/512 gb international version and it has a glass/plastic backplate which I dont like, especially on a expensive phone like rog phone 2, think aluminium or other type metal feels more so...