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Crashes on gaming

I got the Asus rog 2 running Android 9 and I face a freeze where I can hear the voice of other players but crashes. Very often every 2 games I got one crash. Can someone help me ?

Twinview Dock 2 - Troubleshooting?

Aura version: 0x122Audio version : Not ConnectedTouch Panel Version: CFG:55Dock Version: 533USB PD Version: Not ConnectedDisplayPort Version: 0x1708Battery Version : Not ConnectedThis is my current twinview dock version. I am unsure what ...

Heating issue

i have updated android 10 but my phone heating very fast.

kjjo66 by Star I
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Service of the Handset during Lock down in view of COVID-19

Hello Guys,I own Asus ROG Phone 2, today morning i.e. on 30th Mar 2020 my display went dark.Phone is not displaying anything , however phone is responding to touch and all other functions are working fine except display.I stay in India and we are in...

YouTube videos not playing on resolution more than 480p

@Anders_ASUS I have encountered a new problem in A10. I cannot play any YouTube videos on my app with a resolution of more than 480p. That is the highest resolution being offered by app since yesterday. Why is this happening??

Update log accessories

Where can I find the changes and so on after I update accessorys for the phone? I see a update but no Info.

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Downgraded to a9 so happy again

Hello. So I just downgraded the phone back to Android 9. I'm so happy that the phone feels so powerful and so responsive!!! I feel the power and the phone works as supposed to work. At least Asus lets us to downgrade. But please somebody let me know ...

Charging ishu

My Rog 2 is slow charging in original charger mins 3 to 4 hours 35 to 45%

Let's show your UP TIME

since rog phone 2 is so buggy and we have to restart the phone usually, despite we intend to or notso let's show your up time to see who has the longest time using the phone before restartingHOW TO SEE UP TIME?go to Settings -> System -> About phone ...

WaitingKy by Rising Star I
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