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Update log accessories

Where can I find the changes and so on after I update accessorys for the phone? I see a update but no Info.

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Downgraded to a9 so happy again

Hello. So I just downgraded the phone back to Android 9. I'm so happy that the phone feels so powerful and so responsive!!! I feel the power and the phone works as supposed to work. At least Asus lets us to downgrade. But please somebody let me know ...

Charging ishu

My Rog 2 is slow charging in original charger mins 3 to 4 hours 35 to 45%

Let's show your UP TIME

since rog phone 2 is so buggy and we have to restart the phone usually, despite we intend to or notso let's show your up time to see who has the longest time using the phone before restartingHOW TO SEE UP TIME?go to Settings -> System -> About phone ...

WaitingKy by Rising Star I
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Aero Active Cooler Cleaning

Hello , I already used Rog 2 quite a some times now . Did anyone got tip or trick on how to clean the aero active cooler since some dust do get in there and making a weird sound . Last time i got it when i put it in my pocket and it picked some kind...

Led screen burn

I can see some game icons imprint on my display.What should i do now..Help...@CH_ASUS @

Another BUG after A10 update(ROG PHONE 2)

@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS .Anyone have this issue?I found that Chrome got problem with FREEZE and lag while scrolling doesn't matter what display hertz were set.I notice FB video have this fade out issue(lag)issue ever since after update

jyun88 by Rising Star II
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Air Trigger working inappropriate

when im playing games like pubg and cod the air trigger works without touching them. some times when touching the edges of screen, when giving pressure on back side of the phone the air trigger's is working. Does anyone experience the same issue, is ...

sabi by Star I
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Bugs in android 10

I updated my rog2 to android 10 now everytime i unlock my phone it automatically opens any browser loading an ad can anyone help me plzz