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Pokémon GO High CPU usage

Hi everyone, I would like to talk about an issue I'm facing after one of the latest updates of the ROG Phone 2. I noticed that after installing May update (the one that bring us the Android April patches) something strange happens with Pokémon GO: wh...

Andrea by Star III
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Whatsapp Twin App Contacts Issue

Hi,Anybody found a solution to whatsapp contacts issue in Twin App?I activated Whatsapp twin app and I cannot add any contacts and it cannot access the phone contacts or the gmail ones.I tried reactivating it and it didn't work.Also, are there anyoth...

Dropping of Refresh rate Rog 2 phone is set on 90hz refresh rate.. but when i enter into settings or any app... Refresh rate drops down , may be less than 60hz , coz it feels very laggy...but after i restart my phone , again everything is buttery smooth... This happened 3-...

Sourabh by Rising Star I
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Asus Rog Phone ll bluetooth problem

Desde la última actualización del sistema, mis dispositivos bluetooth para llamadas como auriculares o la radio del automóvil no funcionan para hacer llamadas desde ninguna aplicación, ya sea directa o en línea. Alguien sabe por qué?

Feature Requests

I would like to see the following features implemented 1. A Zen Mode similar to what OnePlus has on their phones. This feature must be enabled at the OS level. It would help with people like me who are addicted to smart phones. I have tried many apps...


if i open back cover of ASUS ROG II will it void warranty???

NemoJr by Star III
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Fastboot mode

Anyone know how to fix this, my phone is stuck in fastboot mode START i can't select anything..Whenever i reboot or shutdown it's still is START option and i even installed raw firmware still nothing ,,please help ASAP.

NemoJr by Star III
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Low wifi speed when blutooth is on.

Wifi speed drops drastically when i turn on bluetooth. Since ,its a gaming phone and i used it for gaming with my bluetooth headphones , there is always connecting screen on game . When i turn off bluetooth its fine . Here are screenshots of speed te...

screenshot-20200623-182152759.jpg screenshot-20200623-182711702.jpg

Customization. Apps and notifications. Storage and cache

Hi, in early versions of the firmware there were several buttons: 1. Clear storage, 2. Clear cache 3.Delete user data. In 10 androids, there are only 2 first ones left. It is not possible to delete user data, or you have to click "clear storage", but...

brnodon by Star I
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