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Android 9 also restarting

Previously I was in A10 latest stable and I faced restart issue for any game while playing.So I have even downgraded to android 9.Still I am facing random reboot issue when playing pubg.During the in-game update today, mid of the update phone stared ...

Face unlock

Face unlock working properly but how my brother can unlock with his face identity. Why its open also his face identity????

Audio delay more than 300 ms

I just found a way to prove that the delay is more than 100ms which is a concern to me and other users. How to test delay?1. Download a game called "Beat Blade" from playstore.2. Open settings ingame and click on offset settings. 3. Test audio delay ...

by Not applicable
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Discord stream problem

This problem recently started with me when ever I open discord stream on rog phone 2 it freezes for few seconds then reboots my phone pls help with the problem

ASUS ROG 2 internet connectivity issue

I am using the Tencent version of ROG Phone 2, recently I have encountered the WiFi and mobile data connectivity issue with the phone. as soon as the phone connects with WiFi it shows no internet connection on WiFi, even on mobile data network the s...

PhysiTech by Rising Star I
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Can downgrade to WW-17.0230.2004.60?

Last update removed from Asus site, possibly due to bugs. Can I downgrade to WW-17.0230.2004.60?When we will receive new update?

Melqui by Zen Master I
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Option to turn off hypercharge

I hope in the next update the devs would put in the settings to turn off hypercharge as the phone heats up when hypercharging, like in samsung you can turn off fast charging in the settings when not needed.

Issue 3G - 4G don't roam correctly

I was in a shopping center with a bad 4G reception when device change to a 3G antenna. After, when I exit shopping center and go to another place with a very good 4G reception device doesn't change automatically to 4G. Restarting or turning off devic...

Melqui by Zen Master I
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