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Auto Reboot & Screen goes Black while Gaming

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Issue 1 - While playing PUBG Mobile My Rog Phone 2 Screen goes Black and than app is running in the background and I can here the game soung but I can't play the Game (if than mobile phone temperature goes higher than 42° C or while charging and playing the Game )
Issue 2 - While playing PUBG Mobile at the important situation my phone freeze for few seconds and it will automatically Reboot the device, sometimes it freeze and I can't do anything after few minute of pressing then power button it will restart then device
This is the gaming Smartphone but all the issue I face is while playing PUBG Mobile
I bought the phone for gaming but I can't play a single game property ( PUBG Mobile )
Please help me to fix those issues


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I have the same issue, it's really giving a bad image of asus. Is it not fixed yet

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I have the same issue, it's really giving a bad image of asus. Is it not fixed yet

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Please see this post for more information.

Help... ..,my phone suddenly freezes from time to time especially while playing. (less than 2 hours of playing)

Back, home and recent buttons doesn't work and then auto restarts after 1 min of hung time.

Settings are mostly default (60 hz refresh rate, X-mode off, system lighting off) but still builds up heat fast even after only 1 game of asphalt.

Thinking of going to Factory Reset the phone or try to actually ask the ROG concept store to replace the unit of the problem still exist.

ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem