ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem

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Help... ..,my phone suddenly freezes from time to time especially while playing. (less than 2 hours of playing)

Back, home and recent buttons doesn't work and then auto restarts after 1 min of hung time.

Settings are mostly default (60 hz refresh rate, X-mode off, system lighting off) but still builds up heat fast even after only 1 game of asphalt.

Thinking of going to Factory Reset the phone or try to actually ask the ROG concept store to replace the unit of the problem still exist.

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  • If your phone is auto restarting , then it is a motherboard problem ,

    I faced with asus 6z

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    ROG Phone II doesn't have the same issue as ZenFone 6 did. They have completely different design.

    @Jerel the phone might get hot but it shouldn't restart. Have you already tried factory reset? Did it help or did you send your phone for repair?

  • I'm sorry to say but this problem seems to be still existing even if the design of ROG Phone II is completely different.

    My phone keep turning off every 3-4 days. It never happened to me when I was actually using it, always right after I have locked the screen or just when it was lying on my desk.

    Usually I'm not able to turn it on for next few minutes (only twice I have managed to turn it on straight away).

    It doesn't seem to be just a screen issue as all my Bluetooth devices are getting disconnected and if I call myself from different phone I'm getting redirected to the voicemail.

    It is also not related to any third party app as I have removed all of them and problem still occurs, also I have confirmed that with other users on different forums.

    You can imagine how annoying it is when you realize that your phone was off for last 1-2 hours and after turning it on you receive all these missed texts, phone calls. Because of that I keep it all the time connected to my wireless speaker which will inform me as soon as it will get disconnected from the phone. However it is not a long term solution which I would like stick to.

    Over weekend I'm planing to do a factory reset as Anders suggested. Will keep you informed,

    If you need any more details, please let me know, I will try to provide you with all info I have.

  • I sorry and really hope the reset will fix it. If not, then you need to send it for repair.

  • hello i'm back again... ..,,i did reset to factory settings then weeks after the problem is back again... ..,temps are normal, around 36° since i just picked up the phone in the morning i was only playing less than an hour when it happened, also i only had 4 apps in my recent or running in background: fb, black desert, and chrome (i was playing mobile legend for 13mins when it happened again)... ..,this would be the 11th time in total that this happened, twice after reformat.

  • As per Jerel's post, after factory reset everything was fine for a few weeks and now problem started again... and even intensified. My phone sometimes turn off every 10-15mins.

    What I have also noticed is that battery drained like crazy when my phone is off. After literally 5mins of being off, battery drop 20%.

    Bluetooth transfer is now affected as well. Cannot send a single file or keep 3rd party device connected for longed than 10mins even when the phone is on.

    It's really frustrating but I have to send my phone for repair. Hope they will be able to fix it and send it back asap.

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    Same issue here. Asus please look into this as it is very serious. How can we trust your phones to give us important notifications when they shutdown randomly. Please look at for more information

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