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Asus Rog Phone 2 - Refresh rate issue

Star II
Ive had this phone now for a couple of weeks and for all round daily stuff, the phone is brilliant.

However, I have one issue with it that I cannot seem to solve with firmware updates or anything. Refresh rates, or rather, the fact that they aren't what they say they are when you can select 60, 90 or 120.
I love old school emulation like retroarch and other emulators and they absolutely rely on a 60hz lock in order to function without micro skipping etc in video. This phone, when set to 60hz simply doesnt do that, it slightly out. This isnt a common issue with gaming phones as I also have a Black Shark 2 which is a total lock on 60hz at all times and doesnt have any of the skip on emaultors like Retroarch, PPSSPP etc.
Firstly I suppose, I want to rule out that its not just my device. I guess it could be defective. Does anyone else have this issue? Its just tiny microskipping that results from the refresh not being exact to what it should be.

Easy way to find out is to use an emulated game where the skipping is easy to spot.

Snes9xEX is also a good way to tell. As in that emulator you can have the program auto detect the framerate which gives you a true indication of what it actually is. Mine says its 59.73hz, which is why games skip. Having an emulator wanting to send 60 images a second, but a device thats only allowing 59.73 means skipped frames every couple of seconds which is distracting.
Obviously, for a gaming phone, something like this should be a given out of the box!!

Is this an issue with the global version exclusively? Because I have the Indian version of the phone that launched back in September and I tested every setting on the websites mentioned above and for all three of them, the refresh rate is always more than the particular setting i.e. Itwas 60.2,90.3,120.2 for 60,90,120 hz respectively
Also, I opened the sites on chrome.

Star II
It was an issue on the Chinese tencent edition and I changed it for a UK edition 1tb and the problem was exactly the same on both phones. The number I was getting were identical across both phones.
I've tested this more and more tonight against multiple other phones and this phone just plain doesn't work correctly at 60hz, it's absolutely all over the place. I cannot get stable gameplay from either retroarch, ppsspp, the .emu series of emulators, epsxe or anything that RELIES on a 60hz update. Even YouTube videos that are encoded at 60fps have micro stutter also. Its simply not good enough and as Asus have stated, it's a hardware issue they don't believe they can fix.
The fact that I can turn on other gaming and non gaming devices like a black shark 2, gpd XD, xiaomi m8, HTC 10 and have absolutely non of these issues shows me that this phone just isn't worth keeping.
Its totally fine as a phone if your not interested in emulation. Its a non starter if you are.
I've requested a return to Asus UK and I'll just get a black shark 2 pro (256gb ) instead. Its not ideal, but I'm not prepared to sit on a phone I've paid £900 for for a problem that isn't acknowledged it needs fixing.

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Recently I noticed that my rog 2 phone is heating so quickly, and my FPS is 59 consistanly instead of 60 when I'm playing pubg though the temp is only 38°c.
Thought reset will solve the issues but after doing that the results are as before.
What's wrong, anybody can tell me?