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Asus ROG phone 2 bugs

Please make sure to fix these bugs:
* Fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly sometimes
* I'm unable to receive normal text messages (like OTP, verifications)
*Message app force closes Everytime
* Need an update for camera


Rising Star II
For OTP message issue. We have issue only when we use third party apps. However OTP is working fine with inbuilt sms app. I had same issue with Microsoft SMS app after recent firmware update so I uninstalled it and I'm getting OTP messages properly with inbuilt SMS app.

Star III
Yes i too recieving otps with inbuilt sms app.. absolutely no problem

Star II
Haven't seen any response from the MODS yet. Can someone please tag them and help out your brothers? Thank you in advance.

Star II
Dead thread. OLX pe daal raha ye phone

Star I
Twin apps are not working properly. I setup whatsapp on 1 account & tried twin app. What it did was make the same account.
Also, battery drain is quite significant compared to Miui or Oxygen os. Its endurance is comparable to a 4000mah battery. Need serious optimization.
Phone app dial pad doesn't search numbers or names. Bit dumb.