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ASUS bad service center experince

Star II
hello every one i have asus rog 2 so called gaming phone
in my last post i have told you gys that my phone is swiching off randumly
so i visite service center in mumbai. they told mi that issu is with your motherboard
so they replace that with new one . that is good but worst part is after they replace mothereboard ,
i suffare issu with "airtriggers "
and some screen issu witch i told u in my last post.
so i desided to go again in service center on 26th Nov. and they told mi you have again motherboard problem and lcd problem for that air trigger issu.
rip that rog 2 😫
I im telling asus that i want replace unit of that Rog 2
bad asus service countinus
RIP asus😡


Star II
its 7 days now still not fix🤬

Rising Star II
Simple thing I will say that this is only because of competition & race between phone brands that 1 new phone will launched in just 2-3 months they are just doing production of phone in quantity and about service center technician why they train all over they just made team in one location and they are just handling so many phone from different places sometimes person will bypass the things for just completing work thats the big reason if you remember 3-4 years back you got good service facilities but now because of launching back to back new phone make trouble they are not understanding that who will buy new new phone again and again we are Indian 90+ public invest money on phone 1 time in 3-4 years. 😂😂 All company just making crowd of phone 😂😂.

Star II
i still not geting my phone back
now its almost 3weeks . they are saying one more week now
company dosent have motherboards
shame on you asus

Star II
I hope you can have your phone back soon.

P.s: You really need to work on your English, I mean we are almost in 2021 man.