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After RMA serious issue

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Dear Asus
After RMA of battery swollen issue that i waited for almost 2 week just to get battery replace i get a new issue. I just get back my phone for 2 day and when i plug in aeroactive cooler my screen just when black and i need to force restart in order to boot up my phone.
Before rma have ive not encounter this kind of issue. Well thanks to whoever fix my phone. Now i need to send back my device and dont know how long need to wait again . for your info i just brought this device 2 month ago.

Tq asus


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@Gustav_ASUS my device is back in piece no more black screen problem when fan is attach. But my back camera now have few white dust that is visible to my eyes and the back bottom left cover is raise slightly higher and when I press it down it move like no glue is being attach to it.
I'm completely fed up and will not send to SC again. I will just forcefully accept it. Since nothing major that effect it for now.
If you willing to follow up my case also I'm happy to PM you. If possible just do a refund for me. Tq

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I'll send you a PM. @Dkz89

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Just buy a new phone, see my posts on why the service center is useless. Lots of other people went through the same BULLSHIT!