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ROG Together for AnimeVision

Star III

For AniMe vision, many GIFs are locked because they need to send or receive through the ROG Together feature. I know no one who has an ROG phone in my circle, and honestly, due to the problems in the phone, especially the invisible AOD and new notifications + problems in AirTriggres, I cannot convince anyone to buy this phone.

How can we unlock these GIFS without ROG Together?


Star III

This mission is totally annoying 

Star III

AniMe is useless because it can't be customized in a useful way.  Custom images don't have access to notification data.  Built-in images for notification data only blink it for a moment.  There needs to be a real scripting language for it.

Rising Star I

I don't use anime at all because in this state it's just a feature for kids, I wanted to use it for notifications as it is presented everywhere , but it's unusable... I partially solved the problem with triggers by clean installation and hard reset after the last update what I have this phone 4 months I have already done hard reset 5 times , there is more worry than joy with the phone and I am seriously considering selling it

Star III

We need to raise this problem and send requests to the moderator to unlock the AniMe in next update