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rog 8 pro suddenly wifi and sim card stop working both sim 1 and 2

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what happen to my phone it suddenly not working. this is working fine this morning now my sim card both cannot be detected and wifi are not opening.


no fall
no water

its just idle and when i checked it both sim card and wifi not working anymore.


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@Mattias_ASUS is it from the latest update or factory defect? my phone is just a month old

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Classic ROGphones. SIM and Wifi stoppage is an early indicator of bricked rogphone. Had 3 and 5 get bricked like this. Interesting to know this is still the case, especially in an iteration which costs more than 3 and 5 combined.

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exactly the same thing happened on my rog phone 5, it didn't fall, it didn't get hit by water, it was just on standby. be prepared to go to the service center and get a new imei and sn which is different from the box, also all data is lost

yeah sadly i bringed the phone to the costumer service i demand a unit replacement coz its totaly brand new and i dont want them to repair or replace parts on my phone coz its brandnew but sadly the unit replacement warranty is only for 7days. so i have no other choice but to leave it to them to repair. if its a year old i would'nt mind if they do some part repair or replacement but its a month old days (1month and 1 week) so i dont want them to repair anything on it instead i want replacement. i already lost the files on it its on my side i forgot to back up before doing hard reset. sadly after ressetting still no changes.