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Resolved! ROG Phone8 Pro wifi problem !! very slow than 3 yrs old phone

Hi , ROG Phone 8 pro edition !!!   have very slow wifi connection and stable please check when i just close the door , wifi signle drop to 50% - 80% ++  may be disconnected , compare other phone no drop or drop 5%  please help support.

rog phone 8 pro wifi issue

At the same place, the speedtest of Wifi Is Always 200-300 mbps/s slower than other models.  It is a very bad user experience for a a flagship product.

Asus Phone 8 restart bug constant

I have an issue with my Asus Rog Phone 8 Pro AI2401-D. I'm assuming the software seems to be buggy. Normal restart has no issues. If I turn off the Phone completely, then power it on. It will restart every few seconds in a loop. Trying multiple force...

Asus is trolling its customer...worse gaming phone ever!

With Rog 7 absolutely destroyed by Asus with A14 updates which causing multiple big of which is crazy fps dropping like crazy from 120fps to 60fps multiple times in a game. While their customer service hk replies since it is occasional fr...

Review for Inprovement ROG Phone 8 Pro

 This is the first ASUS product I have purchased and I have taken the time to review every aspect of the device. I will make a description of the points that definitely I am not agree and need improvement, with the intention that ASUS will be conside...

Resolved! Overheating and malfunction while playing video on youtube

While watching video on youtube on Rog phone 8 Pro for more tha an hour, the phone heats up and youtube becomes unresponsive. A restart solves the problem but occurs again. Don't have this issue on my Rog phone 5. Something is going wrong during vide...

ROG phone 8 Air trigger

Just upgraded from 6 to 8 and it is a big disappointment. The whole purpose of buying the phone is because of the air trigger and with the updated phone, it doesn't work as good as before! Saw other posts on this issue and promised an update on softw...

Gochou by Star II
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Resolved! Rog Phone 8 Worth getting?

Ayee everyone I've been thinking on buying rog phone 8 as my secondary use.( I have rog 7 but its bulky for a pocket to fit , plus its a bit heavy having for everyday use )Anyone here can give their experience and suggestion whether best to buy or no...

Roxxe3 by Star III
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1500€ of pure Garbage 🗑️.

How can we have trigger issues on a 1500€ gaming phone????? Is all perfect, performance, refresh rate, gaming quality. And? And the f***ing triggers shutdown on a middle of a fight imagine to buy a BMW M4 CS And when U kickdown U lose your tires .

Beatles by Star III
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