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Asus Launcher update request

Rising Star I

The Asus launcher works quite well in my Rog 8 pro. But some UI elements are outdated in comparison to any other android 14 implementations.

The launcher prevents you from changing folder shape, and defaults to immersive folders whereas most other phones use automatically expanding folders that don't obscure the entire screen when open.

Per-app icon selection. While there are ways to implement icon packs, the launcher does not allow you to change individual icon apps to fill in the gaps when an icon pack does not contain an icon for said specific app. 

Additionally when applying icon packs that feature adaptive icons, the launcher defaults to square shape instead of circles as selected.

Material you inconsistency. Some apps that feature adaptive icons or are fully compatible with them seem to be unable to use them in the Asus launcher. When adaptive icons are on, Apps like Amazon, PayPal, 9gag and Microsoft teams remain unchanged. These apps are normally supported by adaptive icons in nearly every other android. So this seems like a problem with the Asus launcher itself. (There is a feature toggle in android that allows to force themed icons, this could be solved easily if we were allowed to toggle it)



Hi! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll forward it to the respective team!

If a feature or change is requested, how long does it normally take for it to be implemented and pushed in an update?

Star III

Do you face aby problem with AOD brightness? This is my biggest problem with the phone, it is too dim

I haven't noticed, I don't use AOD.

I turned it on, and it looks good under office lights. I haven't seen it in the sun