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News regarding update?

Still waiting for next ROG 8 Update .Any news regarding update cause it has been 3 week since we submitted our problem to ROG Team.

Right speaker on the bottom of the phone

Hi,Is anyone having trouble with your palm or index finger covering the right speaker on the bottom of the device when playing games in landscape? And it makes the sound not be balanced between left and right. I want on screen speakers like previous ...

ZuuGAKz by Rising Star I
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Next FOTA Update

Any news on next FOTA update for ROG 8 PRO cause ROG 6 and 7 got recently Android update.Any news for ROG 8 Pro

Resolved! ROG Phone 8 Boot loops

I don't if anyone has the same problem but this happened after I turned on dual wifi mode in the internet settings. Once I turn it on it freezes and I had to turn it off to stop the freezing. Not sure if this is software problem or a bug, but as it l...

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General Questions about Rog Phone

Hello,I am planning to try Rog phones for the first time. I have a couple of questions please:1) When a new notification is received, can the notification info pop up while the screen is off? Can we decide which application can have this feature? I u...

Rog phone 8 pro Air Triggers bug

So i bought this phone with alot of expectation.I found a bug/problem with the Air Triggers.I tested it on all FPS games and i can guaranty that is not a game problem, it's the phone problem.When i'm not moving the crosshair and i hit fire ( with the...