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Air Triggers

Rising Star I


My ROG 8 the air trigger can sometimes be tapped and sometimes not even set the sensitivity to level 1 and when I play COD mobile game it does not response as fast and stable as the older model.

Can it be fixed with a software update or is this a hardware issue?


Rising Star II

Report it to service center.

Hope the ROG Team notice this and they do necessary action.

Star II

I agree with the opinions, the problem seems to be software. Those who own the Aero Cooler can test as I have also noticed, even the physical buttons of the latter stall like the air triggers of the smartphone.
The light of the pressed button appears on the screen, but sometimes it works, sometimes it cuts off during the action and sometimes it just doesn't do anything
The software layer looks really unstable, regardless of the change in technology for the Air Triggers.
I tested all this on Farlight 84, CODM, Asphalt 9, T3 arena and the malfunctions are the same.
In the end, we find ourselves handicapped to use Air Triggers vs. manual actions.
I'm considering returning my RogPhone 8 more and more

@Choupy Report to the service centre.  Thanks you for the testing sulution cause i didn't notice the light button yet . I mean didn't tested yet. I will sure test it and if this happens means it is a software glitch and can be fix if and only if Asus want to fix this.