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Unable to update to A14 stuck on .241

Star II

I've been trying to update to Android 14 but I can't seem to get the update or even enroll in the beta plan, it seems everyone else has been getting the update but I haven't seen anything, is there other steps I need to take to be provided with the update?


This A14 system has other problems than just the game features. I don't recommend updating because the phone becomes a complete problem.

I expect it to have issues, but as long as the Bluetooth connection with my whoop band works, I don't mind losing other functionalities.

So again, I'm only asking for how to update to A14. I am not looking to be told not to.

Star II

Update: I had done the live chat and had my issue escalated and I'm not sure if that resulted in my phone being given the option to update or if it was through this post, but I've updated to Android 14 now and I'm not really seeing any issues with how I normally use my phone. My whoop band connected which is a dream come true, and the new monochrome android setting is pretty nice.