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Google Map @ Waze not working

Hi TeamMay I know why google map and Waze it not working in my new rog 7 Ultimate phone. I need to use this please do tell me what to do next. I have factory reset, restart my phone , uninstall Waze app and install it again all the same results. Plea...

Calling, whatsapp, telegram...Android 14 Issue

Hi guys. I'm having many big problems since I upgraded my rog phone 7 to android 14.. As soon as I try to dial a number, my screen goes black (during dialing a number) and I can only turn it back on by pressing the power button. It dials the number b...

Omidrad by Star I
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No option available to use 3rd party applications to use Passkeys

I recently updated to Android 14. Android 14 provides users to use 3rd party applications like Enpass, Dashlane, etc password managers to manage their passkeys. This feature is available and working on other android 14 devices like pixel but in ROG P...

Screenshot_20240125-104313.png Screenshot_20240125-104751_Settings (1).jpg


does anyone has an idea whether Huawei Harmony OS can be installed on Rog Phone 7?

kwakuB by Star II
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Asus Rog phone 7 ( android 14 )

Hi all . I apologize for my English...since I live in Sweden (I know Swedish) I am writing through a translator.1 question . I can't become a participant for Android 14 test...I don't understand why? what is your reason?Question 2. if the horn fon 8 ...

uckpa by Star II
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New to ROG Phones and have some questions

Hey guys, currently and iPhone user but been wanting to switch for a while, was looking at the ROG 7 since it's the latest version. These are my questions about the phone:Is the ROG 7 Ultimate available in the USA? I've been searching on Amazon and s...

Resolved! ROG phone 7 music/media issue when unlocking

Good day! Every time i unlock my phone while playing music using a music player app, the sound dissappears for couple of seconds and somewhat my phone lags for a couple of seconds during this period. The sound does return after a couple of moments. I...

How is the latest Firmware .241

Anyone already upgrade to the latest firmware how is it?  Just got the new Rog 7 currently at firmware .232 

ZeLLzzz by Star I
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