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Snapdragon Sound/Hi-res bluetooth audio completely ruined with Audio Wizard/Dirac

Star II

I just recently sold the Red Magic 8 Pro because of the buggy OS and got the ROG 7 thinking I would get the same impressive, crystal clear sound from my Fiio UTWS5/Shuoer S12 combo but then found out this stupid Dirac software is a mess and there is no way to turn it off. Even at dynamic/music all flat frequencies the sound is still colored with a very strong V-shape sound that creates distortion that Ive never heard before from the S12.

I see a lot of people with the same issue on this forum but still no update? For the love of GOD please fix this ASUS





If you go to AudioWizard, select the music profile and go to the top right corner and press the headphone symbol, which headset profile do you have?

The original profile of course. I try to reverse EQ to an n-shape and enable direct volume control with Poweramp Equalizer but still doesnt help. Sound is still colored/artificial. There is definitely something going on with the DSP at all time regardless of settings. I guess its some kind of spatial audio/3D sound effect from the software. Such an old gimmicky trick that gives nightmares to people who actually enjoy listening to music.

That sounds a bit odd, neither spatial or any 3d effect should be added on the Music scenario, since Music is the "Flat" setting and the one I personally use myself for audio.


I know that Dynamic changes the scenario depending on the app you are using and WILL be colored and that Dirac Virtuo can be just unselected by choosing another scenario.



Ive been testing extensively with Qobuz and Music preset/flat EQ and its not even an "I trust my ears" thing. I think any average music listener can tell the difference between the sound of the Rog 7 and any phone without a tuning software, given the same headphones and same codec of course. There is this typical "twang twang" trying to mimic the 3d effect that makes it sound extremely sibilant. Low end is also emphasized with fake rumble that causes cracking noise and distortion. 

There are numerous threads on this forum about this issue this guy right here explains it the best