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Service Centre Experience for Downgrading ROG 7

Rising Star I

Hi guys,

I went to Asus official service centre for downgrading. The man who does this said that he didn't heard anything from Asus about this ROG 7 situation and everything this good.

He said that he won't downgrade and it will be on my own risk of the phone got brick or anything else even when the phone is in Warranty. He is just saying to submit the phone after formatting. And then he will check if anything is wrong. 

He was saying that you have to format the phone after every updates. Like hell man.



Rising Star II

Do not trust Asus service centers. I got the downgrade, but not from the Asus service center. I got it from a normal phone warranty service center.

Is there a way for you to ask them for the program or software so that we can also downgrade our phones?

We would appreciate it very much.


I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.

It's incredible that the phone gets so hot just by charging it, is the optimization so bad with Android 14?

Because you don't allow us to have the option to downgrade the phone to A13

Think a little about the horrible experience we are experiencing with this phone and A14.