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Screen brightness

Star III

The phone's brightness level is extremely low, resulting in a consistently dimmed display, making it particularly challenging to use outdoors.
A clear comparison with my ROG Phone 3 reveals a significant difference, as the ROG 7 appears to be nearly half as bright.

Furthermore, the contrast setting is not properly calibrated, causing difficulties in reading text, especially when the text is dark and displayed on a bright background, though not limited to just that scenario.
The current configuration appears to be forced on the screen and doesn't seem to reflect its natural state, please review the brightness settings and allow users to set a higher value to address this issue effectively.

Thank you


Star II

Facing the contrast issue since day 1 ....I also posted in the topic feed but no moderator cares,infact Rog phone 5's display is way better than Rog 7 in terms of contrast and colour calibration....