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Low in-call volume

Star III

The 'in-call' volume is exceptionally low, whether I'm using it in regular mode (ear speaker) or on speaker.
Even when I set the volume to the maximum, I still struggle to hear the other person on the other side - even in a quite room.
It becomes particularly difficult to have a conversation when I'm in a noisy environment, and making phone calls under such circumstances seems nearly impossible.

Please take a look at the in-call volume setting and provide the users with the option to set a higher volume.
However, please avoid artificially increasing the current volume to prevent any negative impact on the sound quality, as it is essential to maintain a good audio experience during phone calls.

Thank you





Which app are you using for calling? And does this happen with every calling app?


We can also try a SMMI test to check the speaker, for this you need to go to the calculator, press .12345+= and you'll get to the SMMI menu, from here you can select Single Test and select Speaker Test to see if the speakers are working as intended.

Hi @Mattias_ASUS ,

No additional app downloaded, I am using the Android stock calling app (the built-in calling app).

I don't beleive there is an issue with the speaker as it seems to only apply when making calls, the speaker works perfectly for all other purposes.

I've also heard similar feedback from other ROG 7 users.

However, to be sure, I will perform the test and will get back to you with the results.

@Mattias_ASUS I have performed the test.
It only played an ASUS audio file and prompted ME to confirm if the test passed.

Well...I don't know, I beleive it does 🙂
But how can I know the expected results?
Without knowing the intended volume levels and how it should sound, it is not really possible to determine if the current volume is indeed optimal or not.

I have also performed the "Receiver Test", it sounds ok, but it is different than an actual phone call.

Anyway, as previously mentioned, the volume is only low when making calls, the speaker works perfectly for everything else, indicating that there is no issue with the hardware.
It seems that the volume limitation specifically for phone calls is not set high enough, leading to the lower volume during calls.