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Screen brightness

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The phone's brightness level is extremely low, resulting in a consistently dimmed display, making it particularly challenging to use outdoors.
A clear comparison with my ROG Phone 3 reveals a significant difference, as the ROG 7 appears to be nearly half as bright.

Furthermore, the contrast setting is not properly calibrated, causing difficulties in reading text, especially when the text is dark and displayed on a bright background, though not limited to just that scenario.
The current configuration appears to be forced on the screen and doesn't seem to reflect its natural state, please review the brightness settings and allow users to set a higher value to address this issue effectively.

Thank you


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half the brightness of the rog3? Something aint right with your particular unit, has nothing to do with software, looks like you got something on the board that is starting to die or a software bug.

You're right, my previous statement about the brightness being "nearly half" was imprecise.
The actual difference in brightness depends on the specific level set on each device.

For instance, setting the brightness to 8% on my ROG 3 will yield a similar visual brightness experience to setting the brightness to 38% on my ROG 7.
Similarly, adjusting the brightness to 23% on my ROG 3 will be comparable to setting it to 45% on my ROG 7.
Lastly, adjusting the brightness to 50% on my ROG 3 will be similar to setting it to 74% on my ROG 7.

These adjustments aim to achieve a similar visual brightness experience on both devices, however, please note that the results are not entirely identical, there are still slight variations in colors, contrast, and sharpness between the two devices.


Hi @ToM_M 


That sounds a bit odd, could you please send a screenshot of your brightness settings? And do you have adaptive brightness on?

@Mattias_ASUS Sure, screenshot attached.