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ROG Phone 7 Ultimate Stuck in Boot Loop

Star II

I have a US version ROG Phone 7 Ultimate that has been upgraded to Android 14 since March 2, 2024 and today was the first time I have rebooted the phone since the upgrade and am stuck in a boot loop where the phone boots up and gets to the unlock screen, but then after a couple seconds shows the ROG logo again and a few seconds later goes back to the unlock screen over and over again.

I tried steps I found of others mentioning the same problem of boot looping for the ROG Phone 7 on Reddit.  Steps recommended were plugging phone in for a few minutes, PWR+VOLDown for reboots, safe mode booting does not work, and leaving plugged in to power for over 30 minutes. None of those steps worked.

After several things tried, I found something that consistently works for me so far to stop the boot looping. By ejecting the SIM card from the phone, the phone will do the boot loop 1 or 2 more times and then stay up with no issues, except that the cellular service is unavailable. However, if I reinsert the SIM card again, the boot looping starts up again until I remove the SIM card again. I have tried it in SIM card slots 1 and 2 with same results. I have also tried different SIM cards as well with same results.

When I originally upgraded to Android 14 on my ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, it went to version WW_Phone-34.1010.0820.60-0. After figuring out leaving the SIM card out stopped the boot looping and I could use the phone again, I checked for an update and there was one that upgraded it to WW_Phone-34.1010.0820.65-0. However this update did nothing to fix my problem.

I am posting this up in case it helps someone else with the same problem to at least be able to get to their data and apps on the phone. I can't deal with a factory reset at this time though but at least I can back up configurations of apps on the phone in case I have to go that route. However, it is seriously ridiculous that these flagship phones would have this issue!

ASUS we need a fix for this!  I am attaching a video showing the problem as well.


Star II

I am on AT&T and have a ROG Phone 6, the Diablo one, and I am having this exact same problem.  Taking out the sim fixes it, but I cannot do the other trick - if I put the sim in I don't get enough time to disable data and turning off Wi-Fi doesn't affect anything with the sim in.

Hopefully since this does not seem unique to ASUS phones such that ATT does something about it. 

Try setting a data limit through data usage. Should prevent the sim from doing anything data wise, then you can turn off mobile data.

My method is turn off wifi, put phone into airplane mode, put sim into the phone, wait till the mobile data button goes from 'no sim' to 'data turned off' (forget exactly what it says), then turn airplane mode off and hover my finger over the mobile data button to turn it off right when it lights up

So I just tried this and actually was able to get the mobile data button to switch to "off" and to my undying surprise it bootlooped anyway.

I am at a complete loss here and don't even see much point in factory resetting the phone again.

I don't suppose we could all just somehow roll back to android 13?

If you got the mobile data to stay off, make sure WiFi isn't on as it will still reach out if the sim card is still in and cause the bootloop. So you can only have one or the other. If you need data, eject sim and turn on WiFi. To use carrier calls and texts, turn wifi off and mobile data off.

Unfortunately we can't roll back.