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ROG Phone 7 - Hotspot & tethering not working/no internet shared

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Hi Guys,

I am experiencing an odd issue with the hotspot not sharing the internet connection by Wi-Fi or USB Tethering.

USB worked for 3 minutes when I initially connected the phone to my PC via the USB-C cable but it randomly disconnected and I was unable to get back the connection with subsequent attempts.

With the Wi-Fi I tried connecting my other Android phone, laptop & PC all resulted in the same outcome where all devices got connected but did not get any internet. Switching the SIM to an older phone hotspot worked flawlessly.

PC did get the IP address and I could ping the phone but pinging the just timed out.

Wi-Fi hotspot settings:
Hide SSID - No
Security WPA2-Personal - Tried None or WPA2/WPA3-Personal no difference
Type of Wi-Fi hotspot - Wi-Fi 5 (2.4 GHz or 5GHz)
AP Band - 2.4 GHz Band

Network & internet
Tried Private DNS - Off/Automatic no difference

Android 13
Latest update: 33.0820.0810.241


Star II

Hi @Mattias_ASUS 

This did work after removing the MISP APN I can now share the internet with other devices from my ROG Phone.

Thank you and the team for looking into this!