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ROG 7 issues on A14 now being published worldwide on Tech websites.

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Finally, we are now being heard everyone !

Droidwin ( A YouTuber) wrote a topic regarding overheating , fps drop , air triggers malfunction , and other issues on ROG 7 A14 .

I spoke with the author and he mentioned, " The more the number of user reports, the faster will be the chances of the issue getting in the eyes of Asus, and the quicker it might get addressed or at least we might get the downgrade package from them."

Please voice your concerns in the comment section on the following link :


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Droidwin warns user due to high overheating :

If there was still any iota of doubt that it was just a one-off incident, then we could now quash all those suspicions to rest as we are now receiving a plethora of logs from various affected users. As is evident from those logs, the temperature easily reaches 47 degrees Celsius even when the device is discharging.This could prove to be quite a scary situation if it isn’t addressed at the earliest. In the meantime, we advise the users not to use their device for a prolonged time period as things might take a turn for the worse, so a cool down period for your device is a must, at least for the next few weeks until [or rather if] the issue is addressed.





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aside from the temperature. 


7 hours straight, really dude ? u do have a lot of free time 😂

I go to work but I was sick and I was on sick leave so I had time to play 😂

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@Falcon_ASUS @Titan_ASUS 

Instead of being silence all the time , respond.! 

I'm waiting for your explanation 3x24 from now. Fail to respond means that you as representative from ASUS do neglect us as customer and I'll began to draft a lawsuit against ASUS. Tomorrow I'll take a written confirmation from ASUS service center regarding this issue.

I'll have definitely my lawyers to draft a lawsuit in Germany , US , Canada. 

I have already gone broadcasted once , I'll do it again until it hits badly.

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Since the ASUS ROG 7 was released, there have been many complaints ignored by ASUS moderators, and even when they reply, it's usually to say there's "no issue from ASUS's side." The A13 had idle temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius and 34-38 degrees Celsius during use, but the A14 adds an extra 10 degrees Celsius on top of that. It's frustrating that ASUS isn't properly addressing user problems. Holding a phone that gets almost 50 degrees Celsius is unbearable. The ROG gaming phone's performance and software handling are disappointing, making it hard to consider it a gaming phone. It's misleading advertising; it can't handle daily usage. Using YouTube or Instagram makes the phone heat up to almost 40 degrees Celsius, which is ridiculous. Other brands don't have this issue, even though they're not as well-known. ASUS sells expensive, low-quality phones with bad service. 

Another issue is ASUS creating forums and asking everyone to report issues there, but moderators don't always show up or reply on time. So what's the difference between forums and email? They seem to do the same thing—only ignore complaints and give irresponsible answers. I feel users are they're becoming free testers for ASUS before software releases. The attitude from ASUS is frustrating, and there's a lack of responsibility and sales service. It's disappointing, and users feel ignored and like their concerns are brushed off. Maybe the ROG phone doesn't provide much profit, so ASUS isn't willing to provide help with it. I hope this issue spreads everywhere, from social media to friends and the public, so people know ASUS's attitude and choose better products over the ROG phone.

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I may be the only non-gamer here, and after 35 years in the IT industry I have stayed on Android 13 with my Rog 7 Ultimate until "bugs" get resolved.  However I do want to comment as I spend many years as a moderator (and later Admin), on a formerly large message board.  I have absolutely zero knowledge of how this board in officially managed, but as a former moderator my job was to keep the peace, relay information and provide information without being firsthand involved in development.  I was also tasked with understanding and conveying user information to the development team as best I could, and did my best to understand "everything" without having the background to fully and accurately vet all information.

Additionally, I too am very disappointed with the inability of Asus to provide a timely resolution to the overheating and performance issues noted by many in this forum.  I do know Google had significant heat issues with Android 14 on some Pixel versions (6 and 7 come to mind), that took a very long time to resolve.  Yes, Google is using a different chip but to common factor is Android 14.  I do not recall Pixel 6-7 versions having heat issues with Android 12 or 13 but I could be wrong.  Please correct me if I am misguided.

I had hoped to introduce Asus phone devices to my clients due to security issues with Samsung bloatware, and OnePlus inconsistencies and bloatware security issues.  After reading this extended diatribe and seeing no to minimal effort by Asus to resolve issues, and no actual public acknowledgement by Asus to get in front of the embarrassing sh*t show that is likely heading toward them, I will be staying on Android 13 (despite needing a newer version to comply with client security).  Asus has been creating well made products for decades and typical of many technical companies, has less than stellar technical support.  I'm good with limited support as I am a geek, but I am not good with a company failing to issues when they occur on such an ongoing basis by so many people.  I will continue to follow these dialogues to see (hopefully) a positive result, but the length of time and failure to admit this issue has provided me a basis to be skeptical of Asus ability to continue in the phone marketplace.