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Rog 7 Armoury Crate Showing Wrong Game Duration

Rising Star I

I bought the #ROG 7 the date it was released and ever since I noticed that in the Armoury Crate the Game Duration has been bugged. It shows the same hours on both "Last 7 Days" and "Last 30 Days" event thought I played. And the "Last 2 Years" Tab should keep increasing as it hasn't been 2 years for the phone's launch but it also shows the same number of hours as the rest.

Hoping it to get fixed.  I am on the latest version that ends with 232.

My 1st Rog experience was not great because of so many bugs I experienced on a flagship device.

I also play Cod: Mobile and the Battle Royale Runs on 90fps while the Apple 13 Pro Max can run it in 120fps. What's the use of saying it a gaming phone if you can't even give the in-game optimization.


There is still no improvement.