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ROG Phone 7 AptX Lossless crackling sound

Star I

I have the same problem with my zenfone 10. 

i tried the Nuratrue Pro and the Denon Perl Pro and i have the same cracking static noises when AptX Lossless(adaptiv) is the chosen Codec. i don't get the sounds with normal AptX or AAC, and when spatial audio is turned on the sounds are gone (most of the time). 

this is really frustrating because i returned my Denon Perl Pro because i thought it was thier fault and with the Nura True Pro it cracks again, really annoying. 

is there an Update or something that can fix that? 


Star I

Crackling sound on ZenFone 10 with AptX Lossless. Tried different earbuds, same issue. Seeking fix or update solution. Frustrating!


Which firmware are you on right now? and what are your AudioWizard settings?