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For the ROG 7 users

Star I

Is it safe to get this generation?

Some context: I had the ROG 3 back in the day, but it had some network carrier issues where it would disconnect and connect randomly for no apparent reason, so I got rid of it. Then the ROG 5 but at some point the wifi just died on me, unusable completely. After that I got the ROG 6 with all the accessories but at some point the camera just died and I was unable to use it.

Right now I'm using a Pixel 6P, but the cooler needs an external battery source and it does need it because HSR and other games make it hot.

That's why my question, is it safe to get the ROG 7 or should I stay away? Saw some few posts about edges of the screen not working, not very encouraging so far.


Star III

Previously im using pixel 6 pro, things i miss are gorgeous 2k display and incredible camera. rog 7 is whole lot better at battery, heat dissipation,, charging speed, speakers..and of course gaming. Man i couldn't stand pixel 6 pro burning up whenever i just playing youtube lol 😂.  The only problem i had with rog 7 is random shutdown on firmware 229 but they fix it rather quick on firmware 232.