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Tip - How to Make your own ROG Vision Back LED Panel Animated GIF

Rising Star I
Hi all, just sharing something I learnt from Zentalk Traditional Chinese forum.
Here's how you can make your own ROG Vision Back LED Panel Animated GIF
Know how to use GIMP, Photoshop or Premiere Pro to make animated gif.
Your gif image must be 256 x 64 in pixel resolution. What I do was using Premiere Pro to make a gif out from a larger raw video, but on final export it will have to be a 256 x 64 mp4. Duration of the gif doesn't matter, but I go with 30fps, 15 seconds max.
I import that video into Photoshop so that it becomes animated layers in the animation tab. Export as animated gif.
You can export any existing ARMOURY CRATE gifs as a reference to see how you can export this gif
The final step is the most important because this is why custom made GIFs don't appear on your Armoury Crate app even if you put into Downloads folder. You need to download a HEX editor, open the gif with the HEX editor and append this HEX value to the end of file: 00 21 FE 06 52 4F 47 47 30 31 00 3B (it will make an "rog" tag in the file).
Et voila, you should now be able to import the gif from Armoury Crate on your phone

Rising Star I
(You can also download and gif you like, fit it into 256 * 64 if not already in this size, and just do step 5. Then ROG Vision settings should pick that up)

Star I
Can you please make a video on how to? I've tried multiple times and I can't seem to figure it out.

Rising Star II
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