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Phone heats up easily and battery drains fast

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Hi, i am a new user of ROG phone 7 upgrading from iphone 7. This is my first rog phone and after the latest update the battery life drains so fast. The bad thing is i am playing mobile legends at LOWEST graphic setting with 60fps but if system temperature gets to 41 degree, my fps is chopped to HALF causing the gameplay to be unplayable. How can a gaming phone perform like this and it doesnt take long maybe 30 mins for phone to get to 41 degree. This is UNACCEPTABLE Asus this is a gaming phone this is not what i expected and not promised in your marketing.



What you mean by official scenario? 


 In Armoury crate open game library and choose scenario profiles

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And its on X-Mode btw, even cooler on dynamic or downloaded official scenario

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I have tested wild rift and it doesnt throttle at 41 degree hopefully the devs can look into it or is it a poor optimization of the game. Wild rift is much optimized. 

Just buy the aerocooler 6, its compatible with rog 7 and fairly cheap. No more throttling.