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Phone heats up easily and battery drains fast

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Hi, i am a new user of ROG phone 7 upgrading from iphone 7. This is my first rog phone and after the latest update the battery life drains so fast. The bad thing is i am playing mobile legends at LOWEST graphic setting with 60fps but if system temperature gets to 41 degree, my fps is chopped to HALF causing the gameplay to be unplayable. How can a gaming phone perform like this and it doesnt take long maybe 30 mins for phone to get to 41 degree. This is UNACCEPTABLE Asus this is a gaming phone this is not what i expected and not promised in your marketing.



Star II

I use dynamic mode all along not even wanting to touch on X mode because i care for my device. This is really bad the strong internal power is not even utilized hampering the overall perfomance of this phone. Now i charge the phone everyday instead of two days once when i first bought it.

Something definitely wrong with your device, i live in tropical the ambient temp is between 32°C to 35°C at day. I played mobile legend at highest possible settings and it never reached 44°C except when i put case on my phone. And when im using aeroactive cooler 6 it never goes beyond 39°C.

The problem is when temperature hits 41 degrees the fps chopped half from 60 to 30 immediately making game unplayable. The only way to resolve this maybe is to set 90 fps base so it only drops to 60 fps but i havent tried. I dont know whether your device is running latest firmware mine is on the latest one.

Mine's running latest .229 firmware, have you try using official scenario instead of default one ?