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Notification on ROG Vision disappear

Star III

Hi all

7 Ultimate

How can I keep the Notifications on the ROG vision on until I clear them? It at least that they flash every few seconds. 

I think it's quite useless to show a notification of an incoming message only for 5 seconds. What happens if I happen not to look at the screen constantly because 8 actually have a life? Had an ROG 3 before. There the light indicated stayed on until I checked the messages. 

Please Asus, let us choose if we want the notification la shown until checked. Maybe scroll them if you fear about burn-in or something. 

Right now I am back to the situation that I have to check my phone constantly just to see if I have an notification. 

Of course my phone is upside down when I don't need it. So.the LED on the front is not much use to me and feels like 2010 again.. 





This is made by design to avoid OLED burn-in and to avoid battery drainage.
But I'll send your suggestion to the team 🙂