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Rising Star II


 I have noticed that many of you have asked Asus about downgrading to the A13 system, but Asus has said that it can damage the phone and that the downgrade is not easy to do. That's a complete lie. I downgraded the A13 system during warranty service (not the Asus service center, but a normal general phone service center) and they said that the downgrade is not a problem and there are no risks involved, and that the downgrade was just as easy to do as for any other phone. I don't know what Asus is doing but I think they just won't admit that the A14 system has bad problems and they won't humble themselves to give us a downgrade to a stable A13 system.

Asus has also said that it could be a hardware error, but it really isn't, the problems are caused by their own unstable updates.

I downgraded to a stable WW_33.0820.0810.241 system version, now the phone doesn't have a single problem and works like a dream.

Edit: If I get a downgrade file from that maintenance company, I will give it to all of you because Asus doesn't do it ❤️


Rising Star I

Stop deceiving yourself, it has become more than clear that ASUS will never help with degradation.




Understand right now that the only option we have left for ASUS to take us into account  is to file a formal complaint against ASUS for ruining our phones with their erroneous and flawed updates. 

We gotta find a way to downgrade. In the meanwhile, I still have hopes that they might fix it by the next upcoming update and if it didn't happen then we gotta have to think of sth else , like what you have mentioned.

Rising Star I

maybe theyre trying to push rog 8?

I don't think so pal. ROG 8 users are also experiencing with many issues. Go to ROG 8 forum and you'll see that users are going crazy over there too.