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I recently updated the rog phone 7 ultimate

I updated the rog 7 ultimate mobile software update to 34.1010.0820.40 after updating to this software there was calling problem.when i receving or when I am calling to someone there is no sound coming from the earpiece but when I am turning on speck...

Notification on ROG Vision disappear

Hi all7 UltimateHow can I keep the Notifications on the ROG vision on until I clear them? It at least that they flash every few seconds. I think it's quite useless to show a notification of an incoming message only for 5 seconds. What happens if I ha...

WiFi calling in ROG Phone 7

Currently using ROG 3 WHICH DOESN'T HAVE WIFI CALLING.Due to this i have to change the phone but i thought to post here this question.Does ASUS ROG Phone 7 has WiFi calling facility enabled ? If anyone can give me answer with some documentation then ...


Where is Android 14 update ??

AdoB by Star I
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Hello, I just bought a Rog Phone 7 but I have an issue since day 1: random shut downThe Phone randomly freezes for 10 seconds and shuts down, then I have to manually restart itDid someone have the same issue as me?

Thinking of buying the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, but...

I've heard a few owners complain about how their ROG phones only lasted 2 years before it ran into issues like deadboot, or after an update, it just stopped working or messed up some of the components like the Camera. Is it true? If so, why? Is there...

For Asus smartphone to shine in Iran !

My first mental image of portable computers started with an Asus #laptop that belonged to my sister! He was amazing; Beautiful and powerful red from Intel! He worked for almost two decades! It was always good until it overheated due to misuse and mad...

Need to roll back Android 14 beta

How do I roll back? This broken beta constantly causes my phone service not to work until I toggle airplane mode or sometimes I'm forced to reboot or reseat the sim card. The beta forums aren't accessible. My phone is borderline useless. 

Bagian pojok bawah layar melengkung

Kenapa setelah saya mengatur lebar terkecil layar menjadi melengkung di bagian bawah, padahal saya membutuhkan fitur itu untuk pengalaman bermain game yang lebih baik