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 I have noticed that many of you have asked Asus about downgrading to the A13 system, but Asus has said that it can damage the phone and that the downgrade is not easy to do. That's a complete lie. I downgraded the A13 system during warranty service (not the Asus service center, but a normal general phone service center) and they said that the downgrade is not a problem and there are no risks involved, and that the downgrade was just as easy to do as for any other phone. I don't know what Asus is doing but I think they just won't admit that the A14 system has bad problems and they won't humble themselves to give us a downgrade to a stable A13 system.

Asus has also said that it could be a hardware error, but it really isn't, the problems are caused by their own unstable updates.

I downgraded to a stable WW_33.0820.0810.241 system version, now the phone doesn't have a single problem and works like a dream.

Edit: If I get a downgrade file from that maintenance company, I will give it to all of you because Asus doesn't do it ❤️


Rising Star II

Hey Jimi , we all know what they are trying to do with our ROG 7 phones. I guess it was not a bug after all and they did it deliberately to break down our phones and they are doing a great job doing that ! Way to go ASUS. 

Rising Star II

@Saurav_7 dude , remember what Asus center has told you about downgrading ?!?!! See , he did it. 

@Falcon_ASUS just so you know , downgrade is possible.

Rising Star II
  • I just tried all game modes in Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone Mobile and everything worked like a dream, not a single fps drop or any other problems. I didn't even remember how smooth the game experience is on this phone because of the problems caused by the A14 system. Please give everyone a chance to downgrade to the A13 system because everyone who owns this Rog 7 phone deserves this pure gaming experience. 
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Can you please reply to us @Mattias_ASUS  @Titan_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS we just want to go back to the previous version 🙂