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I called Asus Tech Support about heat resolution status

Star II

So, I am posting the response I received from Asus tech support regarding the heat issues that have been plaguing many of the people on this site following the Android 14 upgrade.  I first called Asus and explained that I am still on Android 13 (experience told me to wait until people says it works well).  I then responded to Asus questions and sent Asus Support some links to this forum with threads describing the overheating issues.  At this point I recommend reaching out directly to Asus tech support.  The "Support Concierge"  will answer the phone and you will receive an email response.  When you receive the email, please respond with screenshots/logs of the problem so they may respond accordingly.  What I did not previously know, is the difference in response locations due to the global release of the phone.  I will still be waiting to understand more before attempting the upgrade to Android 14.

Below is their response (copy/paste from email received 5-17-2024) hopefully this is helpful:

Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support.  Thanks for the links and the last link appears to be more popular, but we have not been talking to these customers at the U.S. office or they have not been talking to us about it although if they are not located in the U.S., that would be normal since they would normally be checking with their local ASUS support which they may not be doing either.

Phones from overseas may be using different hardware and software per regions

Looks like the posts in the last link is more related to games which may be what customers may be more concerned about, so don't know if that makes any difference for the customer,

 but unfortunately, we don't have more information about it at the U.S. office and are not currently working with any customers about it.

If the customer does decide to update and finds any issues, feel free to work with us on them, but not sure what will happen after that and how much we can help.

The customer may also want to record some videos and screenshots of their current temperatures to compare with for later.

Otherwise, not sure how much longer the customer can wait to see if things get better, or can just avoid games if that sounds good enough. 

We are here to help!