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Aeroactive cooler

Star I


 Every time I install the Aeroactive Cooler, the MCU update appears, but nothing happens, the fan doesn't turn on. I asked for an update, the front page was repaired.



Hello! I saw your PM, will check with the team what could be causing this.
Meanwhile I would recommend first clearing the Armoury Crate cache and then retrying, you can do this by longpressing the Armoury Crate app > App info > Storage & cache > Clear cache.

Which firmware is your phone on? and which AeroActive Cooler are you using?

I have used many methods and the result is zero. I use rog 7 android 14.76 and aerocactive cooler6. please fix it with the path. I can share my log. I have also sent my log to you

Star I

The fan has no response to turning on. Every time I use my Aeroactive Cooler 6, I ask for a firmware update and there is no change and it continues to fix every time I use the Aeroactive Cooler. Hopefully this is just a bug. Not a problem with the Aeroactive Cooler.