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How to downgrade android 14 to 13

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If you have upgraded from Android 13 to 14 but dislike the new system or face difficulties with the upgraded version, you can revert back to Android 13 without losing data. Here, I'll share two methods for downgrading your Android 14 version in an easy way. Let's get started.

*1. Downgrade With Android App:*

Yes, you can downgrade your phone using the Droidfix Lab App.

- Install Droidfix Lab App from the Play Store and open it.
- Click on the first tab 'Version Downgrade.'
- You will see your Android 14 version; now, click on the drop-down menu to select your Android 13 version.
- After selecting Android 13 version, click on the downgrade button.

The downgrade process will start from Android 14 to 13, taking 25 to 35 minutes. If your phone switches off and on during the downgrade, it's normal. Don't worry; wait until the downgrade completes. The time may vary for different phones. Once the process is complete, your phone will restart, and the downgrade will be successful.

*2. Second Method to Downgrade:*

Visit your nearest service center and inform them that you want to downgrade your phone. They will assist you in downgrading, and some charges may apply. After payment, your downgrade will be performed.


Q: Will Downgrading using this App delete my phone's data?

*Answer:* No, Droidfix App's downgrade process will not delete your data.


Yesterday, when I was looking for information about this application, I ended up on vague, suspicious sites on every page, and I couldn't find any facts about functionality.

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Why we arrived to this situation !!!!! Asus can give us downgrade package this will fix all issue

What is wrong with this company , this is first time i saw company dealing with the customers like this, even small companies not doing what is Asus do

They don't want to fix

They don't want to give downgrade 

They don't want to answering anyone 

What exactly they are doing for the issue , answer is nothing