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Your opinion on rogphone 7 android 14 update

Star I

What do you think on this update? For me I noticed a big battery upgrade but a decrease in shoulder buttons performance. What do you think of this update?


Rising Star I

I received information from the customer service of my home country:

"Hi, I just received some additional information from a higher level. The RD analysis of the log found that the GPU scores are about half of what is expected for normal gaming performance. This may be due to the screen recorder being enabled, as RD can reproduce the same issue after the screen recorder is enabled. Do you have screen recording enabled, if so could you try turning it off or vice versa. That way we would find out if the problem is caused by screen recording."

I sent them a new logging tool file yesterday without the screen recorder.

Rising Star I

I hope they fix that problem soon. That explains the unstable fps and the slowness of the phone.