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How can I downgrade the system software?

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After I updates the software to 33.0820.0810.121, my phone gone hotter, charge slower, use lagger, and even sometimes, auto shutdown. After sent to Asus Service Center in Malaysia, nothing is done, just .12345+ in calculator is made, nothing is fixed. 


And went to Asus Globe to Complain, nothing come back in return even shared my logs of my phone.


Sorry to ask, is Asus doing fine these day? 


I just posted a reply for this to the OP, please have a look. And respond once you've seen my reply. I will guide you through it. 

Although I don't have the ultimate version, I have the normal Rog 7. However it should still work for the ultimate as software updates are the same for 7 and 7 ultimate 

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And Asus has no raw Files

I think i dont need to say what RAW Files means

Sorry but you are a liar

Have a nice day

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Yo, I got problems here too, now it can boot or reset. Can be said so of becoming a brick.


Error 0xC0060001: BROM ERROR: S_BROM_CMD_STARTCMD_FAIL (0xC0060001)


What to do? The rest I hard to catch, it's too long.



Hi, where did you download the ROM from?

Have you followed every single step I outlined on XDA forums? Here's the steps again, please follow every step;

1. Install ADB on your PC

2. Install Fastboot on your PC

3. Install USB drivers for Rog 7 on your PC.

4. Once all those are installed, extract the downloaded ROM (create a new folder & extract everything into that new folder)

5. Enable developer options on your phone & turn on usb debugging

6. Turn phone off. Then press volume Up + power button so it boots into recovery mode.

7. Once in recovery mode, plug the USB into the side port of the phone & then into the PC (you should hear a connection sound on your PC, if you do then that means your PC has recognised the phone om fast boot mode)

8. Open the extracted ROM folder & double click on "flash raw and wipe data".

9. Be patient while it flashes , don't unplug anything. It'll take about 15-30mins depending on how fast your PC is.


Make sure your battery is over 50% & make sure you remove all Google accounts from the phone before you flash.


Where have you downloaded the RAW firmware from? Also, do you have the Global Rog 7 or the Tencent chinese one?


Has your phone been detected on your laptop/pc when it's in fastboot mode?

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I can say the download is not from Asus Server

Its a 3rd Party Download 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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