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How can I downgrade the system software?

Star III

After I updates the software to 33.0820.0810.121, my phone gone hotter, charge slower, use lagger, and even sometimes, auto shutdown. After sent to Asus Service Center in Malaysia, nothing is done, just .12345+ in calculator is made, nothing is fixed. 


And went to Asus Globe to Complain, nothing come back in return even shared my logs of my phone.


Sorry to ask, is Asus doing fine these day? 


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Only Factory reset can fix your problem

When this brings no solution you have a Firmware or Hardware issue.

Only Asus Service can check your Hardware and Downgrade the Firmware

You cant do anymore

Zen Master I

Actually you can downgrade, I made a thread on how to downgrade. You'll need RAW firmware & a 64-bit laptop or pc. Flash with CMD command. Don't listen to MrXYZ78, he doesn't know what he's talking about. You can find my thread to downgrade , check Rog 7 threads you'll see mine there . If you get stuck watch any YouTube video 

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And you tell him its not official and no warranty?

And super funny is when he has a hardware issue

In this moment he is alone with this problem

But test your luck

To be honest... My phone has no warranty, cause it was an accident right after I get the phone from Asus service center, I dropped it to the ground, a there's a small crack at the camera there. 

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Ok hardware issue

wish you luck with this move