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Future of ROG 7.

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Guys, I am very disappointed with the work of people who release firmware. I want to understand what to expect and whether to wait at all for an update or a solution to the ASUS A14 firmware problem. Let me know if they are even working on bug fixes or should I take my chances using the method from the "DROIDWIN" website? By the way, has anyone tried downgrading the firmware using this method?

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To be honest I really don't know what is the next step of Asus, because no pain to them if they didn't take care of rog 7 users.  

What I know is don't downgrade the android 13 without proper knowledge, and the outcome will be either the phone turn into brick or A13. 

I suggest you sell the phone or find others way alert them (Ex. Trigger a huge boycott wave to them).

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For me i don't expect any fixes for the issue because from the first day of A14 update the developers said there is no issue

So let them first confess then we can expect good news 

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@Mattias_ASUS can you express yourself to someone and pass on that people are already completely desperate and finally want answers and corrections!!!!???!!!!??

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Hi there ,

If you downgrade your phone through the steps that Droidwin explained there is a high chance that your phone get bricked. I advise you either to wait or find an Authorized Asus service center in your region and ask for RMA and then downgrade. If that doesn't exist, the only option would be to wait. I am also waiting for an alternative way from Droidwin to downgrade.

By the way , The moderators nor anyone else care about our issues and we are being ignored. ! I have drafted a lawsuit and also explained about the issues on Zentalk forum that no moderators from Asus respond to our posts and they just pick the one they prefer.