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Calling, whatsapp, telegram...Android 14 Issue

Star I

Hi guys. 

I'm having many big problems since I upgraded my rog phone 7 to android 14.

. As soon as I try to dial a number, my screen goes black (during dialing a number) and I can only turn it back on by pressing the power button. It dials the number but the screen goes black.

. As soon as I try to play a voice or a sound in whatsapp, the screen goes black and the sound (or voice) comes out of my earpiece speaker not the loud speaker. And while I'm playing the voice, another volume is added to my phone's volume when I press the volume buttons which is exactly like when I'm on a phone call and that will adjust the volume of my earpiece speaker . The same thing happens on other apps like telegram, the screen goes black when I try to play a sound. 


. The other problem is, sometime my touch won't work anywhere on the screen until I press the power button and turn off the screen and press it again to turn it back on, unlock the phone, and then my touch stars working. 

. Another issue is, when I'm using my Bluetooth headphones, sometimes no sound comes out of certain apps, but some other apps work perfectly fine. I've never had this issue before on this phone before upgrading to Android 14.

. My battery drains faster than before and it's very noticeable. 


I tried restarting my phone, I deleted the whatsapp completely, updated it, cleared catche and storage. I tried some other stuff but none of them fixed these issues. 


It's driving me crazy 



Rising Star I

After hearing so many software complaints on Android 14 of ROG 7. I don't think I will upgrade mine. I will keep it on A13 until all is resolved. I think Rog 7 will be my 1st and last experience that I needed of ROG devices forever. Never gonna buy anything else from here.

Star III

@OmidradHelo, please visit your nearest Authorized SVC , & Roll back to A13, Dont forget to take a backup !