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ROG 6D Ultimate Games Crash

Star III

Hi everybody,

i have a new Problem. 

Since the Last Update my Games Crash in middle of gaming (Auto closed) and i have ti restart them. 

This IS very annoying.

For example Diablo Immortal.

Battery Options Set to ni Auto close apps...

My 500€ Xiaomi was ni Hardware Monster, but never got auch Bugs.


I bought a Hardware Monster do Play fluent with No lags. 

Now Game crashes ever 30 Minutes Sometimes mes every 10 Minutes. 


What can i Check in Options? 

What could Produce this Bug? 


Rising Star II

Try to clear the cache of the games that crash if problem continue delete data and try again

Also delete the cache of Armory Crate and after this play on Xmode or try do change the modes 

But i thing the problem is in games cache sometimes i also have problem whit CODM auto crash or problem whit sound and when i delete the cache the problem is gone 

Star III

Thank you already tried this, but Dont solves the crashes

Star III



Do this crashes appears while you typing in the chat? I have similar issues in Diablo, if I type a message and I want to correct something and I'm trying to put a "cursor" into the middle of the word then the game instantly crashing out. So I have to delete everything to correct a word. It's pretty annoying tbh.

Hi Zsolt,

Nope IT happend setimes when the Vmovie Sequenz in a Dungeon Starts, or when ITS full in the assembly, or when we start in a RAID.