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ROG 6D Ultimate Games Crash

Star III

Hi everybody,

i have a new Problem. 

Since the Last Update my Games Crash in middle of gaming (Auto closed) and i have ti restart them. 

This IS very annoying.

For example Diablo Immortal.

Battery Options Set to ni Auto close apps...

My 500€ Xiaomi was ni Hardware Monster, but never got auch Bugs.


I bought a Hardware Monster do Play fluent with No lags. 

Now Game crashes ever 30 Minutes Sometimes mes every 10 Minutes. 


What can i Check in Options? 

What could Produce this Bug? 


Zen Master II

Is that happened to all games or only spesific games?

Hi Lord_Messi,

I am only playing this Game at the Moment. (Diablo Immortal)

Tried the clear Cache, new Installation...

I also informed the Game Designer for that Problem, but i Got No answer. The only answer was seek in redit, maybe there Options to clear the Problem.

Zen Master II

Try to download another games and see if its auto closed too or not

If its not auto closed then the problem is at diablo immortal which is not compatible with your phone, but if its auto closed then you can try to reset your settings

Do you use APK MOD for that games?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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