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Camera difference is rather big

The processing of the ISP from dimensity is actually crazy, the images are way better exposed, colors more accurate and low light has seen a huge uplift in clearity and detail. The qualcomm is also considerably more on the cool side.

night.png selfie.png

Rog 6D Performance and thermal stability

This is in no way recommending the rog 6D, it's purely to show with PROOF that a properly tuned and cooled dimensity, is far superior to Qualcomm and Apple chips, ESPECIALLY in gamingTemps are lower,gaming time is increased from 3 hours of genshin to...

Before you buy the Rog6D, watch this topic

Before you open your wallet, let others betatest the Rog6D for you. Yes, the Rog6D sounds extremely good, long battery life, unparalleled gaming performance and seemingly many things fixed BUT, we still don't know if the issues on the Rog6 also are o...

Rog6D is far superior to qualcomm

First tests are out and as suspected, it performs better with signficiantly better battery life. Genshin 3hours on Qualcomm, while on dimensity it has 6 hours and superior performance to boot. The Rog6D is a massive slap to anyones face who purchased...

ROG Phone 6D - General Discussion Thread

Hi all,We are only a couple of days (!) away from the ROG phone 6D launch event. General discussion threads will be removed moving forward and you are kindly asked to use this thread if you want to discuss the ROG Phone 6D with other Zentalk users.Po...

Anyone planning to get this early?

If so, would you let me know? I'd like to check the device out but its going to be rather late in EU. So If anyone has it earlier i'd be happy to get some information about it to see if ASUS finally stepped up their game.

The final chance and the grand finale

I made the first post for the grand finale of the rog series lineupThis is the final chance for Asus to correct their phone, otherwise, the competition will eat them whole, it's all or nothing nowThis rog 6D will have to compete with Sony, Nubia, Len...