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Active Cooling

Star I

Do you know if the new Rog Phone 6 has an active cooler system built into the phone? It does have a cooler sold separate, I'm trying to see if it has an internal one as well. Any idea if something like that works with none gaming? I live in a hot area and my phones like to thermal throttle during video calls, I'm hoping something like this could prevent that. 


Zen Master I

No, it only comes with an external cooler. What do you mean by none gaming?

I like to talk with messenger video call while I'm driving with my bluetooth and the phone is on the dash of my car. In the summer time my phone always overheats and thermal throttles during the call. This is especially the case when I'm outside kaying and doing a video call. In that case my phone shutdowns. I was hoping I could get a phone with some active cooling that will prevent this. 

then the next best option you should be looking at is nubia redmagic.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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