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Display problem

Star III

Model Name: Asus ROG phone 6D ultimate 

Firmware Version: 34.0804.1204.56

Rooted or not: not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: always 

Hello, i wanted to see of anyone has this problem, when i use apps on full scaling, the edges are not visible, so i only see a part of what should be displayed.

I m using Android 14 lates version and tried to reset the display on the settings menu as well to turn off and on the phone.

On the picture i mark the bottom right side where the version of the app is cut in half by the edges of the screen. This problem happen with every app.



Could you maybe send another picture of another app doing this?

Hii, yes, i have another app, in this one you can also see the edges pf the screen blocking the information that should be visible.

And this happens every time, it doesn't matter if i reset the screen display or change it

Star III

Mattias_Asus, did you see the other imagine that i posted ?


I think it might be your screen protector or temper glass, did you remove it and checked?